Spotify x Musixmatch: We Love To See It

After ditching Apple Music for their terrible mobile experience on Android (yes, I just didn’t see the need to buy an iPhone solely for Apple Music) even though they were the cheapest streaming platform available at the time – N450/month for the student plan; I used the free plan on Deezer for a while but didn’t feel convinced enough to pay for the premium plan.

I eventually stumbled on Spotify and even though they didn’t support payments from Nigeria at the time, I managed to still get subscribed (using a VPN).

The only downside with Spotify was that I couldn’t get lyrics to the songs I loved so much. I mean, there was Genius, but Genius isn’t exactly a lyrics app and wasn’t available for all songs so that sucked.

Fast forward till a few weeks ago when the Spotify app was updated and BOOM! Lyrics!

I did some digging and found the story of their partnership quite intriguing and in the process acquired a newfound respect for Musixmatch as a company.

Enjoy the scraps 🙂

The partnership started in 2011 when musixmatch launched in the app store

Sources for Spotify & Musixmatch Partnership Scraps:

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